Walk the World

Adventure Log

Train to Lahore


The PCs are on a train travelling through India. They are headed to Lahore, in the northern province. Each has their own reason for going to the city. While they are not closely acquainted, each is aware of the others.

Cecil is going to meet with a local rajah. He wants to convince the potentate to invest money in a railroad project.

Charlie is on her way to a dig site northeast of Lahore. Members of the Society of Antiquarians discovered carvings there that depict miniature, and striped, horses, that are spoken of in Roman writings. Though no longer extant, some of the antiquarians report sightings in the area.
She met Victoria while attending college in the United States.

Victoria is on an assignment for her patron, Mordecai Fletcher. She is transporting a case for him to a member of the British government in Lahore.
Victoria worked with Cecil once before, on an assignment for Fletcher.


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